Experience the ancient north and the so far unknown 9th century kingdom beyond the viking rule!

The Finnish Viking Age book series Tavastia Chronicles by E. E. Leivo is based on archaeological finds and the most recent studies on Viking Age. This time period in Finland has remained relatively unknown comparing to Scandinavia. However, new finds prove that the country was not an isolated peninsula but perhaps richer and more diverse than we think. Tavastia Chronicles includes three novels published in Finnish: I Warrior Princess  II Fur Trader from the East  III King's Legacy * On sale in Finnish. Foreign language rights available! 

Tavastia in the year 859...

A girl, a warrior, a shaman and a priest Four heroes  but  only one goal.  Tavastia Chronicles.  Available in Finnish. 

Warrior Princess is a story of a poor girl striving for better life

Warrior Princess by E. E. Leivo ( on sale in Finnish , foreign rights available) Emerentia, a young and ambitious girl from a poor wilderness village decides to take control of her own life but cannot foresee where this unusual solution leads. Her strive for a better life brings her not only success on the battle fields but also powerful enemies. Together with her brother Jaakko, the warrior and bodyguard of Silver Sword, the chieftain of 9th century Tavastia, Emerentia gets involved in the merciless struggle for power. At the same time Scandinavian robbers threaten the peripheral Tavastia's long-lasting peace and Silver Sword with his army has to defend his kingdom against ferocious vikings.